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9 years ago

How To Update a Managed Server with Feature Packs

I am trying to figure out how to install/update our Managed Servers from the CASO after upgrading to Feature Pack 4. The Update option on the right click menu under the Backup and Restore Tab is grayed out. Do I have to login to the actual server and do a Live Update to get Feature Pack 4 on our three Managed Servers that are remote? I have tried going the Install Agents route under the Backup Exec tab and it tells me I cannot do that because the Agent for Windows is already installed. Help!

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  • Yes you do have to go to each server and patch them


    The order of patching in a CASO setup is

    CAS Server (via LiveUpdate or manual download from the technote)

    MBE Servers (via Liveupdate or manual downalod but run on each MBE)

    Agent servers (by push from an updated BE server by copying of MSI Patch files and local running (for WIndows systems) OR by local install of updates for Linux systems)