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7 years ago

HP StoreOnce 5100 w/ OST Driver and job slowness?

We have been running Backup Exec 16 on 2012R2, with the OST 2.01 driver for about 5 months. I was noticing some tape not found errors, and also noticed the OST driver was updated to and it included Server 2016 support and other additions. I updated one of our BE servers to it, and noticed the tape not found errors no longer randonly show up, however our backup times have doubled, and in some cases tripled. Same for the duplication processes as well. For both physical and virtual servers.


Has anyone been noticing this? HPE just suggests allowing more streams per backup, but I think they don't realize that is a Netbackup feature, and not Backup Exec.

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      Yes. It is listed, and the StoreOnce OS is correct version, etc. is the recommended version to use.

  • Just to follow up on this. It is a known BE issue with the latest HPE OST driver. Veritas have a beta hotfix available for non-CAS servers that will fix this issue. The permanent fix will be applied in a future update I'm told.