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9 years ago

IBM Domino - BE 15 FP4

IN BE 15 FP4 IBM Domino is not longer supported at all? Does this mean that support will not assist or that the actual ability to perform backups altogether has been removed? Domino support is one of the only reasons we went witih Backup Exec. 

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  • No, with BE 15 FP4 they've announced that Domino is EoL for ALL versions of BE. This means no support going forward...


  • So ridiculous...

    Stayed to Backup Exec just for this instead of switching to Veeam or something else, despite the Backup Exec 2012 Disaster and all the bugs I encountered...

    Maybe time to switch to another backup product

    IBM Domino is still alive in a lot of companies why drop support for it? IBM did not abandon Domino

    Is this a way to request support back ?

    I now have a backup product which cannot backup the most often restored data in most environnments...

  • No Support, but the functionality is still present in FP4?

  • I agree, support for Domino was one of the main reasons we went with BE instead of Veeam or Unitrends.