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11 months ago

Inability to restore computer from SDR - Cannot authenticate RAWS


I have version 21.4 of three Backup Exec servers. SDR restore has stopped working for some time and the following message appears:

Backup Exec server cannot authorize the Backup Exec for Remote Agent running on this computer.

In the logs I have the same information:

RemoteIDRPreRestore() - Cannot authenticate RAWS. IsRawsAuthenticated() failed to establish trusted connection with the BE server. error Message: A comunications failure has occured. Error code: 0xe000fe30

The date and time match the server, I tried on different computers and virtual machines from 3 servers - each time the same error occurs during client authorization.

On the server in the logs I only have information that my user has authenticated and nothing more. It seems to me that the problem is related to the BE update to version 21.4 on servers. All backups are made correctly and folder restoration is possible. I also created a new SDR image in version 21.4, the agents were updated but without a positive result.

Has anyone encountered such a problem? Is it possible to uninstall this hotfix (in the documentation I found information that there is no such possibility)?

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