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8 years ago

Incremental backup failes- Backup Exec 15(Version 14.2) 64bit

Could some one please help me out of this. There are lot of backups are failing.

Job ended: Friday, December 02, 2016 at 9:06:56 AM
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe00095b3 - Unable to create the virtual disk.
Final error category: Resource Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-38323


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Backup- VMVCB::\\BMSVPPHESX7\VCGuestVm\(DC)ha-datacenter(DC)\vm\PHSV-3M360ImpV-79-57344-38366 - VDDK-Warn: VixDiskLibProvider::NameBasedProvider::Get: Unable to open disk \\QNAPNAS-2\Backup Folders\PHSV-3M360Imp\IMG000192\PHSV-3M360Imp.vmdk, openflags = 4 - VixError 0x4.

VDDK-Warn: DiskLibProvider_GetDisk: Open failed - index 0.

VDDK-Warn: ERROR 2 opening disk 0.

VDDK-Warn: VixDiskLibProvider::NameBasedProvider::Get: Unable to open disk 2:\IMG000192\PHSV-3M360Imp.vmdk, openflags = 4 - VixError 0x4.


Click an exception below to locate it in the job log
Backup- VMVCB::\\BMSVPPHESX7\VCGuestVm\(DC)ha-datacenter(DC)\vm\PHSV-3M360ImpV-79-57344-38721 - Failed to mount one or more virtual disk images:





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  • I have a few questions and some things to try. First, are you using SAN transport? Is this a tape or Disk type storage backup? Does this VM backup contain application GRT?

    Since this only happens with incrementals, maybe somethings wrong with Change Block Tracking (CBT), so can you vmotion your VM to a different storage and host? Can you try the same VM backup without File and application GRT? If it's set to SAN, can you try an NBD backup?

  • Hi,


    Did solution does work?

    I have same issue on Fileshare by SAN to QNAP.

    I'll try by your adviced then I'll update.