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10 years ago

Issue with restoring using Backupexec 2012

Hi Guys,

I have a restore a 43 Mb file from my virtual machine and I am using BE 2012.. now from what I have read first the restore will stage the entire VM!!? This VM has 4 drives and the total size exceeds 1Tb but the drive I am restoring this file from is about 800 Gb out of which 600 Gb is used.. now on my backupexec server I dont have enough space on any of the drives to stage such a large VM...

I tried changing the staging area path under backupexec setting to a path on my NDMP storage but looks like it doesnt take it.. what  i did was I mapped a drive by  the name of Z and then under BE setting I changed to staging area path to Z:\temp which is my NDMP storage (Netapp) but still I could see the staging data goes to C:\Temp

Then I tried changing the staging area to D:\Temp a drive on the same BE server but still it goes to C:\Temp... any reason why?

Also I can I get around my issues becasue I dont have enough free space on my backupexec server to stage this VM for restore of a small file!!



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  • Did you change the GRT staging location from Tools - Options - Restore or another location such as Tools - Options - Backup  ?

    Also, after changing the GRT staging location, did you create a new restore job as the change usually does not reflect in the existing one..

  • ...mapped drives won't work. They're associated with a logon session.

    Have you made sure that BE 2012 is fully patched?


  • You can duplicate the backup set to disk and then restore from the disk backup set