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13 years ago

Leave the tape in drive for several jobs

Environment is BE 2010 R3. I currently back ~75 servers with a base job on Saturday and differential jobs on week days. I am doing VMware image backups to tape and have a 2 tape drive library. Currently the library loads and unloads the tapes between every job. Is it possable to leave the tapes in the drives until all jobs complete? This would shrink my backup window by quite a bit. My servers have roughly 20GB of data on average. Most of them have just an OS and one app on them. The backup takes ~13 minutes as follows:

1. mount tape and get ready: 3:15

2. Snapshot: 15~30 seconds

3. Write data: seconds for a difff and about 2 minutes for a full

4. update database: 5 minutes. I believe this is to long as well??? Maybe SQL serveer resource problems???

5. Verify: 2:00


So I would love to save most of the time in step 1 and as much as I can in step 4. I believe my writeing times are good but still 75 of these add up to quiote a bit of time and there are plans for data to start growing on alot of these servers...


Thanks, John...

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  • Not possible like that. Group more number of servers into one job. As you have two drives configure two jobs to backup all the servers. If you feel it will be a bit difficult to troubleshoot failed jobs, further reduce the number of servers in each job and create 4 jobs.

    If you have any databases to be backedup, group them all in one job with AOFO turned off. 

  • What you want cannot be done.  I have requested years ago, but was told it is impossible.  However, this problem affects all users who upgraded to BE 2012 which is server-centric, meaning one job can only back up at most 1 server.  A senior Symantec TSE said that he will submit what you want as an engineering request.  Let's see how that pans out.

    BTW, you should not group your jobs to save that bit of time.  If you do that and you do upgrade to BE 2012, you would be reverting back to what you are doing at the moment, i.e. have a lot of jobs.  I would suggest that you keep your present way of doing things so that when you upgrade to BE 2012, it would be less of a change.