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9 years ago

ligne 1: WSym: command not found

While executing bash multippp_v3b graz 2013 100 100 for processing GPS data with GPSPPP tool developed by "" prompt display this: 

/home/mukandilangalula/Bureau/GPSPPP/AFRICA/filesEXE/CRX2RNX: ligne 1: XSym : command not found /home/mukandilangalula/Bureau/GPSPPP/AFRICA/filesEXE/CRX2RNX: ligne 2: 0058  : command not found  /home/mukandilangalula/Bureau/GPSPPP/AFRICA/filesEXE/CRX2RNX: ligne 3: 0339a3e00296dad6b123c429cac83631 : command not found /home/mukandilangalula/Bureau/GPSPPP/AFRICA/filesEXE/CRX2RNX: ligne 4: ../filesSRC/rnx2crx/RNXCMP_4.0.6_Linux_x86_64bit/bin/CRX2RNX: No such file or directory

The similar question had been discussed by certains verities members (KB@IF:06 May 2009; Baleout:04 May 2009; Robert Oscwald 15;Feb 2009; Mergy 11 Feb 2009 and Jeff Stockamp) without giving source of this problem. 
I hope someone can have now an idea which can help us to understand the origin of this problem. 


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