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13 years ago

Limiting backup exec job system usage


I was wondering if there was a way to limit the impact backup jobs have on performance.

Essentially i have a backup server, running a backup job on a separate file server using the remote windows agent. When the jobs run out of hours file server performance is not really applicable but when jobs are needed to run in hours, performance from the file server to users is noticably reduced.

The bermote process is taking most of the cpu usage, which seems to be the problem. Is there a way of restricting what usage the process has, or giving priority to other processes over backup exec?

The other possible option i have is to add another processor to the (virtual) file server, which may help, but ideally i'd rather go down the other route if possible.

many thanks in advance for any help and suggestions

  • ok thanks for that i'll try changing the service priority and see how it gets on.

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  • Hi,


    Go to Tools --> Options --> Priority and Availability, and set the priority on the job to Low/Lowest.

    See if this change makes any impact on your performance.


  • Hi, thanks for the reply, will that option not just set the priorities of concurrent jobs against each other?

    What i'm after is a way of prioritising other process on the server over backup exec jobs, or limiting what bandwidth the backup exec jobs can use so as not to affect performance to the file server from users.


  • You'd be able to set this on a remote server by going to Task Manager --> Services, and changing the priority on the service itself.
    Alternatively consider running the job a bit later, or if there are multiple servers in your selection list, moving this particular server down so that it runs later.

  • ok thanks for that i'll try changing the service priority and see how it gets on.