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6 years ago

LTO2 data replication or migration to LTO6

HI, i need help on how we will replicate or migrate the data backuped on our LTO2 tapes because we already upgrade our Backup System and we have new LTO6 Tape Library, the problem is our old server for LTO2 is already damage and the tape drive is not working anymore. is there any solution on this situastion.

You help is more valuable.


thank you for any response.

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  • The ONLY way to read data on LTO2 tapes is by having a tape drive that can read those tapes.
    The drives that can read LTO2 tapes are LTO2, LTO3 and LTO4 tape drives.

    This is not a BE or Veritas limitation - these are limitations from the hardware manufacturers.

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      Marianne is correct.

      I would suggest obtaining a used SAS LTO4 drive.  An LTO4 drive could read you old LTO2 cartridges.  If needed, it could also write LTO4 cartridges that could be read by your current LTO6 system.  You could install the LTO4 drive on a different server from your main LTO6, if you don't mind the double step to restore.  But it would be easiest to install the LTO4 SAS drive on the same BE system as your LTO6.

      There might be data recovery or data conversion services that would recover your LTO2 data to disk/cloud or convert it to LTO4 for you.  It all depends upon how much and how often you need it done.