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15 years ago

Media Sets Suggestions for Deduplication Folder

I'm testing out the 2010 Backup Exec Deduplication features, but have some questions on the best setup for the folder.  I had done an upgrade from 12.5, and after 3 weeks of setting up as I have below, everything corrupted and I'm not sure if it's a fault of the upgrade, or my configuration.  I've since built everything again from scratch.

Server is setup in RAID5, with more than enough ram and diskspace for my configuration.  Each Server has it's own connection back to the deduplication folder.

My Previous Backup Folder before Deduplication:

Weekly Full Backups -Overwrite protection period - 2 Weeks - Infinite Append
Nightly Diff Backups - Overwrite protection period - 2 Weeks- Infinite Append

At the end of each job, it would duplicate to tape.
Jobs set to overwrite not append so that eventually it will overwrite the old data.

Obviously thanks to Deduplication, I can extend this:

I had configured as a test:

Weekly Full Backups -Overwrite protection period - 1 Months - Infinite Append
Nightly Diff Backups - Overwrite protection period - 3 Weeks - Infinite Append

At the end of each job, it will duplicate to tape.
Jobs were set to overwrite.

After a few weeks, as I mention it started asking for confirmation of overwrite, and after a few days, everything fell apart.  I had the Nightly set so low (3 weeks) to test that the data would infact be overwritten.

How does this work?  If I delete the 'old' data after 2 months, won't this impact the deduplication folder since it's this original data that 'seeded' the deduplication function?

Would I still do it this way, or should I leave it to never delete, and come up with a different stragagy?   If I do keep these periods in the Media Set, would I still set the jobs to 'overwrite', and would that impact my data?

I've looked to see if there's a clearer understanding of how to set this up, but I've been unsuccessful.

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