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18 years ago

Multiple Media Sets. Why?

Hello. I have inherited a network to manage. I have used veritas on many occasions but am a liitle confused regards the merits of the configuration that I have to now manage.

Question: The media set currently has 9 defined sets (2 of which are in use i.e. Daily & Weekly). The others are all archived sets, listing multiple media labels.

What are the merits of retaining all these media sets? If I wanted to restore from tape couldn't I simply catalog when required?

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  • With multiple media sets, yo can assign different OPP and APP times, thus enabling you to tweak your retention policy.

    How does the awarding of points work in this forum?

    When you open up a thread that you have started, you can select one response that "Answers" the question - worth 10 points, and two responses that are "Helpful", worth 5 points each
  • Hi Ken. Excuse my ignorance (and spelling). Can you elaborate on OPP and APP times + retention policy. The reason I ask is the last guy was not that savvy so can not imagine he had that at the forefront of his mind.

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  • OPP = Overwrite Protection Period - That time during which BackupExec will NOT overwrite the tape. Measured from the time that the LAST backup set on the media is CLOSED

    APP = Append Period - That time during which BackupExec will append (add on to) a tape. Measured from the time the FIRST backup set on the media is OPENED

    Both are set by Media Set, not by backup job. From the Media Tab, right click the media set/Properties
  • Thanks Ken. Finally what is the downside of me deleting these? It looks as though I might be purchasing a new server + backup exec 10d so will be starting all over again. It would be nice to have it all tidy!!

    Regards the media I will have:
    Weekly schedule (30 Tapes rotated).
    Daily (8 tapes, 2 week rotation).

  • For why to keep the "Archived" media sets. As long as the tape volumes are in one of these media sets, and as long as the OPP of that set is "Infinite - Never Overwrite", Backup Exec will NOT overwrite that tape, so the archived data is safe and available.

    If you get things working the way you want and don't want to start from scratch, see to move v9.1 to the new server, then upgrade in place to v10d

    For your two media sets, I'd set OPP to

    Weekly 209 days (30 weeks, minus 1 day)
    Daily 13 days (2 weeks, minus 1 day)

    (I use the minus one day so that if the job finishes after midnight, the volume is still overwriteable the next time it is due to be used.)
  • Hi Philip,

    Please update if the earlier provided suggestions were helpful in resolving the issue.
  • Hi. Sorry guys I have been on holiday :)
    Ken has been most helpful and I appreciate the time spent answering my question.
    Many Thanks,

    PS: Will now try to award points?