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12 years ago

Multiple RDX drives


We have switched to using RDX drives with backup exec 2012, this works great, now we have another RDX drive which we installed on the server, we can see the drive in device manager, in my computer but it doesn't show in BE2012. Weve tried restarting the BE services and also rebooted the whole server, but still the device doesnt show - When I say show I mean the option to add another RDX drive is greyed out when I try to add it.


Any ideas?



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  • By the word "'Drive"


    Do you mean the physical chassis that the RDX carridges are inserted into?

    OR do you mean the RDX cartridge containing a hard drive?


    Multiple cartridges will not show as something you add as a new disk storage device, hence I believe the behaviour is correct for that scenario

    If it is multiple chassis then you may need to log a formal support case for us to look into it.