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13 years ago

NAS Restore error

Hello Everyone,

I am using BE10d to backup and restore to two different network drives, LinkSys/Cisco EFG120 and Cisco NAS324 with User defined selections and B2D folders. Intially on restores to the NAS I got an "Access denied" error. I did some seaching on the forums here and changed the accounts in NAS and BE to match. Now when I attempt to Restore to the NAS324 I get a failure and "an error occured while attempting to connect to the remote agent" error.

I can BU from the NAS to EFG, from the EFG to NAS, from the EFG to EFG and from the NAS to NAS. I can restore from the NAS to EFG and EFG to EFG. However, any attempt to restore to the NAS fails. Any ideas why this fails only on restores to the NAS?

Thank you,


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  • BE 10d is very old and it does not support a lot of devices, like your NAS.  See the HCL below