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Need Export Joblog (All Detail)


this link

The details are not fully , because i use backupexec backup by vcenter and i has choose guest(OS) for backup more than 1 guest , then run getjobhistory not show detail of guest

i want to show this detail like job history on gui interface

- Detail Information - Backup VMVCB::\\xxxx\     

 Set type               : Backup
Set status             : Completed
Set description        :   G1-Backup 
Resource name          : VMVCB::\\\Virtual Center\E4659D61-2D36-473E-9743-B4A80701F525\VMVCB::\\\VCGuestVm\Guest
Logon account          : System Logon Account
Encryption used        : None
Agent used                     : No
Advanced Open File Option used : No

How to exporting Backup Exec 2012 Job History (more detail)

Appreciate your reply.


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  • Hi,

    what level of detail do you have in your job log? There is a setting where you can increase the amount of logging, which in turn increases the amount of information in a job log. This in turn increases the size of the job log.

    Check to see if it isn't set to the default which doesn't contain much information and set it to a higher level.

    Then, after a job has run, run that command again. However, this won't be for any previous jobs...only jobs after the change.


  • To get the joblog, use the JobLogFilePath property of the BEJobHistory object to get the path.  You can then use BEMCLI to format it.  See this document

  • My Job Backup Setting Group name vcenter-AD-Incremental and has member AD1+AD2

    First Guest : Gui Detail (On group vcenter-AD-Incremental) if Double click in tab job history 1 by 1 it work but i want to report back 3 month for this job


    Second Guest : Gui Detail (On group vcenter-AD-Incremental)  report back 3 month for this job


    But My Report not show Guest on group , Report show only group name Success or Error


    Please kindly suggest me to setting increase information


  • The information that you want is in the joblog.  The BEJobHistory object does not keep these information.  Although the name is the same, they are two different things.

    As I said before use the JobLogFilePath object to get the joblog and then display that.

  • how , can i get informaton report
    please suggestion method  or can't to get it