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8 years ago

Need to backup a remote server on another subnet

Hi, I have few remote servers which are on different subnet and I have backup exec server on another subnet. Is it possible for me to add that server which is on another subnet into the backup exec? and is it possible to backup those servers? Or is it neccessary that all the servers that need to be on the same subnet for backups?

Any quick responses would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!! 


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  • You can backup a remote server on another subnet.  Make sure that the domain admin account that you are using for the BE server is added to the other subnet as a domain admin.

    • If the server that is to be backed up if it is on a different subnet and if is in a workgroup and not on any domain then in than case there won't be any option to add backup exec service account to that domain admin.. So in that case is there a possibility?

  • Subnet as in just another IP range, or subnet as in another IP range AND different domain? You need to have a trust between domains if the latter in order to add a domain admin in. If it is simply another IP range then add in the remote server via IP address. Thanks!
    •  Craig, it's not about two different domains.. Is it possible to backup a remote server which is on a totally a different network..