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6 years ago

Need Urgent Help with Backup Exec


I was just hit recently with an encrypto Virus that wiped out all my DCs and Fileservers.  But I still have my backup :)

The backup was taken with symantec 12.X, I was doing a backup to an external disk.

I would like to restore the data from this disk to my newly mounted fileservers.

The Domain name from where the backup was taken and where I would like to restore it to have changed.

DomainA > DomainB(new Backup Exec)

1. I have done an inventory and catalog of my external drive, all went well.

2.The Servers that show up on my list have the names of the servers from the old domain which I take is normal.  The issue here is that I am not able to trust the server, which I figure it is trying to find it with the agent and can not.  No big deal since I am trying to restore the data to another server all together in domainB.  Is this correct?

When I go ahead and do a restore to an alternate location, the backup seems to work but I do not see the data in the restore destination.  Am I missing something here?

Am I able to restore data with backup exec that is coming from one environment and restore it to another?


Is there a way I can pay for support here?  What is the number to call I really need urgent help?



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  • If your restoring a DC you can't redirect to another domain/servername.   The System State (AD) information will not restore correctly.  This is  MS limitation.

    The restore will complete but when a reboot happens the data is not where its expected.

    You indicated File servers as long as you have the remote agent installed on the target machine and have enter Logon Credentials for the new server in DomainB it should work.   

    Is this data being restore DFS or DFSR data?