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19 years ago

new Exchange server

I installed a new Exchange server and everything has been moved off the old server to the new server. I've removed the BE agent off the old server and installed the remote agent from the BE console but the backup log show error e000fe09 trying to backup the mailboxes.

It appears that the Exchange agent is not installing. How do I get it to install instead of just the Remote Windows agent?

Thank you!

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  • The Exchange agent is installed on the media server, as I've seen explained in other postings. To give a little more information, I did the upgrade to 10d at the same time that the new Exchange server was being installed. After I moved the mailboxes, public folders, etc to the new server I installed the remote agent on it.

    The log shows error e000fe09 (the directory is invalid) during the Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes section.
  • Hello,

    - What exchange version are you using?

    - Create a new job and verify the results

    - As an addational information kindly refer the following document:

    - The directory is invalid" (a000fe09 HEX or e000fe09 HEX) is reported when a backup job fails


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  • Thank you for the reply.

    - Sorry! I'm running Exchange 2003 Standard.
    - I will try a separate job just backing up the mailboxes and let you know the results.
    - I've read that document but I'm getting the error when the mailboxes are being backed up. The previous version would say if there was a problem with an individual mailbox. This version just says "invalid directory" and doesn't give any other information.
  • Hello Carlos,
    Please run the cleanup agent in exchange system manager and check if the mailoxes are associated with the users in AD. You might have to use the mailbox reconnect utility. Please check with your exchange administrator if after running the cleanup agent the mailboxes come up with red crosses.
    This error seems to be due to authentication probelms to the AD after the migration of the server.
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  • e0000848-unable to attach to resource (resource error).
    l need an urgent resposne to this issue

  • what version of exchange are you using? is it exchange 2007 on a windows 2008 server by any chance?