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20 years ago

Opening BackExec Problem

Its happened twice. When I click to open BackExec the flash title appears but then the screen appears to lose the program and all I get is a background color and what appears to be a frame. By clicking the mouse I can sometimes get a menu to Exit. Also has what looks like a 'forward' on a media player in upper left hand corner. Totally takes over computer in the sense that you can't do anything else until you exit program if you can. Both times ended up cold booting server. Have v9.1. No error message, no indication under Services.

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  • Hi Alan, What OS are you running? Did you dedicate this server to Backup Exec? Need more information to try and help.
  • I would suggest you perform repair installation following the link below:

    Repair Backupexec installation:
    Repairing VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) 9.x for Windows Servers

    I hope it helps. let us know about the server configuration.