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7 years ago

Override Global Exclusions at job level (Feature Request)

Our global exclusion list includes temporary file types that can be very large and don't require backup. For example, compiler object files, FFmpeg tar distros, ISOs, tgz, tar.gz, zip, etc. This works great for development environments, but creates a problem for servers that create daily snapshots of databases and other content which are stored in tar.gz files for example. 

It would be helpful to have at least the following additional capabilities. 

  • Override global exclusions at the job level
  • Group and order inclusions/exclusions at the job level
  • Incorporate an evaluator widget at the job level to test the inclusion/exclusion rules
  • Define top-level inclusion/exclusion lists that can be referenced at the job level

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  • BE does have job level exclusions. Normally job level exclusions are more restrictive than the global exclusions, not the other way round. You might want to move your global exclusions to the jobs backing up development servers and leave the global exclusion blank.