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14 years ago

Parallel running jobs

Hey guys,


we got a little problem with our configuration in Backup-Exec.

We have two libraries where each library got 2 roboters. When jobs are running, then it only takes 2 jobs parallel, but we want to make 4 jobs parallel.

Is there any solution for it? I don't know how to configure this thing.


Thanks for your help.


Best regards

Marc Borgner

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  • Can you please provide some more details about libraries?

    how many drives in each library and how many LEO licenses you have installed?


  • Also provide details about if you are running the jobs directly to the Robotic Library or duplicating from Disk to Tape drive. And the data that you are backing as there are some changes in VmWare backups.




  • Which targets are selected in your backup jobs? Did you choose a single drive (from the library) or the whole library as destination? If there are no media limitations, my suggestion is always to select the library as destination. and btw, so you can be sure that no jobs will be qeued as "ready, no idle device" if they run at the same time.

  • Hey guys,


    thanks for your quick answers.

    But Craig answered the question in my german post.

    We detected that we got only 2 LEO licenses.


    But I've got 2nd question. How to cluster Backup Exec 2010?

    Please answer in the link of craig.