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20 years ago

Password Protection/Encryption

I understand that appending to a tape with a job that has a Password and Confirm Password defined will not password protect that tape. I can combine my three daily jobs into one and password protect fine. But, what if I have an overwrite job that runs over several tapes in a loader? Do I need to password protect all tapes in the loader before I run the job?

One more thing. Is there any encryption options in Backup Exec? I haven't been able to find anything on this.


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  • AFAIK, there is no encryption option (maybe in v10?)

    As far as your question about multiple tapes, since it is the job iteself that is defined as password protected, it shouldn't care whether the job takes one tape or 10
  • Mike,

    Since the Password Protect Media is on per job basis, it will be applied to all the Media that the job is using to backup.

    There are no encryption options in BackupExec.

    Hope this answers your question.