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10 years ago

planned restore Crash from BE 2012 Server to another BE2012 server


we still have two BE 2012 in use, but one of this is only in standby!

So, i will check to do some crash scenarios with the standby Backup Server.

I have a backup from the complete productive Backup-Server, made with BE 2012 by it´s own and this backup-files are located on the standby Backup Server  also with BE2012 installed. Files are in BKF-Format!

So, now what i want´s to do:

1.) Using BE2012 on the standby-backup-server to restore database, catalog and what is also still needed

2.) Follow these manual:

My questions:

a.) is it possible to restore the backups made by the productive Backup Server with the BE2012 on standby Backup Server?

b.) are the backuped Databases and all other needed files still in consistent conditions to can do mycrash scenario?

Thanks and regards





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