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9 years ago

Please insert overwritable media into the robotic library using the import command

I get the below error.

Backup job failed with "Please insert overwritable media into the robotic library using the import command".

We have backup exe 15 on windows 2012R2 with a external Dedupe B2D disk and tape out with HP MSL 2024 with one LTO 7 tape drive

Partition are created on the HP MSL and the parttion are mapped properly to the media set created as below

DailyOffsite, WeeklyOffsite and MonthlyOffsite Media Set created 

Daily - has one tape of 5.4 Tb compresed

Weekly - has two tapes each of 5.4 Tb compresed

Monthly: new tape are inserted each month.

So, all the daily backups are configured to have the daily media set, the first daily backup job start writes to the daily media and completes suscessfuly.
When the second daily job start it given the above error even though we have enough space, and the Storage tab shows the media is overwritable and appendable.

would like to undestand why is such behaviour of the backup when we have enough space with media overwritabel and appendable.

We cannot keep on inserting new tapes as scratch to start the backup, why it cannot use the same media.











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  • It should append to the Daily tape, although if this is an autoloader/tape library, having 1 slot for Daily backups is clearly not enough. I used to have 5 slots in a Daily partition.

    If your Append settings are not correct, the backups won't continue and you get that error message. You need to check the OPP/Append settings and make the necessary changes.


  • Was this working earlier ? If yes, what has changed and when ? By any chance, is the tape marked as end marker unreadable when it does not accept append on that daily tape or is it marked as export pending yes. If it shows export pending yes, then refer
  • @ Hi Craig,


    the daily partition has 4 solts as its a LTO 7 media having a raw capacity of 15 TB and compresed 5.6 TB hence the differential daily back up of all our servers is not more than 600 GB

    hence we are keeping one tape for daily backup with a retention of  7days, append infinite allow.


    @ Hi Gurv, its a new setup with symantec earlier it was HP Data Preotector which nver had any such  issues.