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18 years ago

Purchase Advice

I was hoping for some purchase advice. Scenario as follows:

Currently have 3 Servers all being backed up from one device (Sony SDLT 320).
Using Veritas 9.1

1 * File Server (Windows 2003 Standard).
1 * Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server (on 2003 standard server)
2 * NAS Servers (HP Proliant DL100) (one mirrors to the other so only backing up one).

I would like to separate the back-ups due to space issues(240GB & counting).
I was thinking about installing an an additional Tape Drive on NAS1 (SDLT 600 SCSI drive).

What would be the recommendation regards VERITAS / + required agents for best backup solution?

Thanks in advance,

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  • Hi Padmaja. The O/S is Windows Storage (although displayed as Windows Standard 2003 on M/C Properties??) HP Proliant DL100 if that helps. I inherited this network so unclear as to how the last guy patch worked it all together!! (only been here 2 weeks).

    What do you mean regards Base Licence? Was looking to purchase SCSI Drive + backup exchange 10d as standalone installation the the NAS?
  • Hi,

    If you are thinking of installing a tape drive on one of the NAS servers, you would also need to install Backup Exec on the NAS.

    You would also need to buy one more "base" licence for Backup Exec for Windows servers.

    The operating system of the NAS devices?

  • Hi,

    "Base licence" is the Backup Exec for Windows Servers "basic" licence without any add-on options.