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17 years ago

RALUS on AIX 5.3 horribly slow

Good morning, I'm hoping someone can help out. I'm running BE 12 (upgrade from 11d via LiveUpdate). I have an AIX server that has the version 12 agent on it (it was also doing the same thing with agent 11 and BE 11d)

Whats happening is that I'm getting extremely slow through put on the AIX box.  any other host runs at about 300 - 500MB/min  but the AIX box drops down to 30MB/min or less. If I run a backup only of the AIX box it starts @ 1MB/min and slowly climbs to about 30MB/min.

We have tried the following suggetions with no significant gains in speed:

Can anyone please help me out with this? I'm not an AIX guy, so all suggestions will be passed along to the fellow who does the AIX support...

Thanks in advance.

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