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12 years ago

Reconfiguring Disk Storage Area

We are using Backup Exec 2012 and currently have our disk storage area as a 10TB RAID10 connected so a SAS controller. We have about 8TB of Backups on this. All of these backups have been duplicated to tape. We need to reconfigure the Disk into two 10TB RAID6's which means blowing away all the data on it. I'm not worried about losing the data as we have it on tape. Is there anything I need to be aware of when doing this such as what happens with the BE catalog database?

Any help greatly appriciated.


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  • If you really are blowing away thae data then you need to delete the backup sets form inside of Backup Exec that relate to what you delete.

  • Hi, If you're not worried about losing the data on disk, and are confident the data is on tape, then you should be able to delete the storage from within BE, reconfigure the drives as you wish, and then re-add the disk storage into BE again before running your jobs (which might need to be reconfigured...check this out). Since the data is deleted, you'd have to rerun backups etc. The data on tape should be fine as it is contained in the catalog. I have hit the support flag here too so hopefully someone from Symantec can verify what has been said... Thanks!