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10 years ago

Resource Error e000848c

We are currently getting the following error when restoring: Resource Error e000848c - Unable to attach to a resource.  Make sure that all selected resources exist and are online, and then try again.


We have recently taken over the IT for the client, their previous IT company have never been able to get a restore to work.

We are restoring a mailbox from the symantec backup, the mailbox is on the server (there is only the one server) which the backup runs on. The tape is inserted.


We have checked the user account details and there is no need for remote backup service as there are no remote server.


Any help would be appreciated.


the symantec backup is version: 11d, version 11.0 rev 7170


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  • Hi,


    If this is a GRT-based restore from tape, then the default temporary staging location is C:\Temp, and this needs as much free space as your Information Store is big. So make sure you have enough free disk space on C:\ as your first troubleshooting step.

    If not, move that location (Tools --> Options --> Microsoft Exchange) to a drive with more free disk space and try restoring again.


  • Thanks for the reply,

    I have checked and there is more than enough space availble, any other suggestions?

  • ...try duplicating to disk manually and then restoring from there. Read my article below...although it's for BE 2010 the steps are the same for BE 11d...
  • Thanks for the reply, the users have gone home for the day and have swapped the tape, I will try this first thing monday and let you know how i get on