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13 years ago

Restore - Take other media


I can´t to do the restore. When the restore job start I receive the follow warning:

Please insert media '506 WEEK 14 FRI-DIF' into the robotic library by creating an Import media job.
If the media does not have a bar code, click Options on the Import Job Properties, and select 'Auto-inventory after import is completed'.

The name of the media that I have used is KWM211L4 and not 506 WEEK 14 FRI-DIF.

Backup Exec 2012;


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  • It seems like the data that you have selected for restore if from the tape its prompting to insert in the drive. Try to select the data from other backup set which should be from the tape already present in the drive.




  • I did a test this nigth. I can't the media 506 WEEK 14 FRI-DIF in the tape library and I tried to do the restore of the last backup (07/12/12 01:50 AM). I saw the contents of the media and it is correct.