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3 years ago

Restore files from another Backup Exec Server

I am trying to restore some files from a Tape from a server at another site, I've inventory and catalogued the tape and can see all files and directories within the Backup Set.

If I click restore button on a backup set item the restore wizard opens and only shows my server not the backup set server.

How can I restore items from this catalog  ? 

Many thanks

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  • Can you share the screenshot Dave about the backup set and how the restore window shows up. Is the server whose backup set you want to restore showing up in backup and restore of BE console. If you create the restore job from there, do you see the set ( may need to set the date range if it’s an older set )
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      Thanks for your reply.

      I'll just mention that I am using the trial version of BE, not sure if that is relevant or not.

      Both servers are similarly named Server3, but have different domain suffixes.

      I've attached screenshot for backup set (BE1.jpg) and Restore Wizard (BE2.jpg).  The restore wizard is in the correct date range but I should be able to see both servers, but can only see mine.  Backup was made with BE 2012.

      Thank you.


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        Do you see the server3 old FQDN in backup and restore tab ? you can restore if that container with old FQDN name is showing up in backup and restore tab.