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12 years ago

Restore individual files from incremental vm backup successful and 0 bytes

I use Backup Exec 2012 with GRT. I make full backups of all VM's thorugh virtual center server on friday and on weekdays incremental backups.

The backups were successfull. All the VM's have the Backup Exec agent installed.

I tried to restore some individual files from a wednesday to the original location. The job completes successfully, but the byte count is ZERO.The are no files restored. I also tried to restore the files to a different location, but also nothing is restored and the job is successful with 0 bytes.

Anyone else with the same issue? What's going on?

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  • Are the full and incremental backups all on tape or all on disk at the time of the restore, or have you ended up with full on tape and incrementals on disk ?

  • All the full and incremental backups are stored on a local deduplication disk and a duplicate is available on tape. I also tried restore from tape, with the same result.

  • If performing a GRT restore from tape, please ensure there is sufficient space at C:\Temp for staging.

    And see if this applies ~

    Lastly, if restoring to a file path, please ensure it is a path on the local media server.

  • Yeah, there is sufficient free space.

    That KB Article is about a vmdk. I am just restoring a few files.

    Found out that restoring from a incremental backup from a week later works as expected. It seems only the backups in one week are effected. I tried to restore from different days and all fail, but just that one week.