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6 years ago

Restore job stuck in Pre-Processing

I´m trying to do an redirect restore on users mailbox and the job stuck in Pre-Processing state.

The exchange version is 2013.

I have restart the windows server and run inventory on the disk storage.

For a mounth ago I did redirect restore and also restore to PST file and that get OK

Have any ideas how to solve this?



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  • can you try restore by specifying the client access server name in the restore to different location section of restore job and see if it goes through.

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      Hm I´m not sure what do you mean with client access server name.

      For infromation the exchange is DAG

      In the restore wizard I select "To a different location" on server I type "CUSTOMEREXDAG01" on next page 

      I select "To mailboxes" I type the mailbox name 

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        From one of the Exchange DAG node, open Exchange management Shell and type "Get-ClientAccessServer" and in the BE redirected restore window, use the server name shown instead of using DAG name