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10 years ago

restoring data with Backup Exec

Hi Everybody,

I'm checking for this:

I want to restore data with symantec backup exec 2014 from an incremental backup, i want to know if i need all storage disk that i've use to backup these data.

Else what data will be restored?

Thank you for your answers.

  • You are taking about a very specific case. I am talking about restores f from incremental backups in general

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  • I want for example to restore tomorrow's data.... it's possible without using all storage disk containing some part of the storage?

  • See this blog which is still valid for BE 2014 Yes. You will need all the backup sets in the backup chain when you do a restore from an incremental backup
  • ok, if i understand well i need all the chain of the backup to restore only one file?

  • No no let me know well:

    If i do a complete backup the day one: J1

    The second day i do another backup, but now incremental using the day one (J1) backup: J1+1

    the third day another incremental backup: J1+2

    the fourth day :J1+3

    ... and so

    if i want to restore only one file that is on the fourth Backup (J1+3) i need J1, J1+1, J1+2 and J1+3 Backup or i need only J1+3 Bacup?

    Thank you!

  • i've done the test today on a lab and it works properly. I've firstly done a backup (complete) on my server's disk and an incremental backup using this first complete backup. Then i've done another backup (incremental, using the last incremental backup on my server's storage) on a external hard drive and i've disconnect it to the server. So i've continue to do my incremental backup on the server's disk. After around 10 chain of backup i've restore some data without using the backup that i've done on the external hard drive.

    i use BE 2014

    Thanks !

  • If you are restoring a file from a backup which does not reside on the data on your external disk then obviously you don't need it.  Suppose you have a full backup + 10 incremental backup.  If you want to restore a file, how do you know on which of the incremental backup is the latest version of the file.  Worse still, if you are restoring a folder full of files or multiple files.  Can you ensure that they are not scattered all over your incremental backups?

  • I agree with you, but what i was saying, for example you are doing your Backup and for example you delete file after you backup it. And after the latest incremental backup you would like to restore only one file, you just have to use the latest incremental sequence of the backup not all the chain. Of course if you want to bakup all data, you need all the chain of the backup.


  • You are taking about a very specific case. I am talking about restores f from incremental backups in general