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3 years ago

Simple Tape rotation question

I just took over the Backup Exec environment and had a simple question about tapes and rotating them through the system.  We do a monthly backup and those tapes are kept for 2 years per our retention rules.  So I have older tapes that are cycling out of the retention period that I would like to reuse. 

For the backups we use a Monthly backup media set.  What would be the best operation for reusing these tapes in the monthly backup media set?

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  • You don't have to do anything special.  Just use them when they expire.

    I would suggest that you read the Tape Management chapter of the Admin Guide for more information.

  • Maybe a second part to this question, If there is no media in the Month end media set will the month end job run with tapes from the Scratch media set?

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      Yes, as long you have tapes available in scratch.
      General suggestion:
      Have always one or two tapes available in scratch because of this exact scenario or if all of a sudden the amount of data which you are backing up changes and does no longer fit onto the provided tapes in the target media set, then again BE will take a tape out of scratch and continue with the backup.