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13 years ago

Single Job Multiple Servers

I have the same problem as Santosh. Version 2010 did it all in one job. When I upgraded to 2012 that stopped working. I thought maybe by grouping the servers they could be backed up as one job, but apparently a job is still created for every server in the group.

In fact, with 2012 I'm even having trouble getting two jobs on the same media. Is there no way to tell it to backup one server first and then append the second server on the same media as soon as the first job ends?


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  • See my article below on how to manage many jobs and prioritise them


  • It's a DOG

    This is very interesting. It seems that Symantec has "Shifted Paradigms", "Changed Directions", or has become "Cloud Contentious" .... pffft. They made it dumber! nothing stopped you from creating 100 jobs for 100 servers in any of the old versions, you just didn't cause that would be, STUPID. Also it doesn't matter if you have disk or tape, if you have Disks and you bundle 10 servers in a job, well go ahead  design BE to backup as many as BE can keep track of concurently. Then ... make it an addin, require a key and charge extra and claim it to be ground breaking.

    Pretty sure Symantec just fired all their in house BE developers, bought some knock off backup software for a dance, and painted it yellow & black just to squeeze the last buck out of BE before moving you to NB.

    Don't belive me? why would you have a NEW KB article titled

    How to back up multiple servers to a single series of tapes in Backup Exec 2012. OK read it ... let it sink in ... read it again ... ok the second time you read that title you should bust up laughing cause it says Backup Exec 2012 at the end and not Backup Exec 2.0 NOW with AUTOLOADER SUPPORT!!!

    P.S. btw symatec your interface looks like playschool designed it.

    done ... later all