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11 years ago

Staging Location for GRT backup job is set to C:\

Dear All,

I was aware that in order to have single item recovery using GRT a temporary space is required to stage the DB for example for exchange and then from there we can pull individual item. This is case when restoring from a tape.


Today I noticed that in backup exec 2012 under config settings > storage there is staging location also set to C:\ and this is for backup jobs. Before I never noticed this item and now I want to know that does backup exec also requires same huge amount of space when running GRT based backup jobs to tape ?

See attached picture with red outlined portion. Since, it doesn't make sense to me to assign another big partition to Bexec server for GRT backup jobs so for this I need to understand how much space it requires in staging area.


Kind Regards,

  • Hello Phk,

    This discussion just for understanding of space requirement. Yes, there is no problem of changing it to another drive. 

    Now I am clear after having chat with Symantec L2 support that space requirement for GRT backup job is not like required for restores.


    So thats it... clear

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