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14 years ago

Starting up creating Devices


I start from scratch. Now I try to set up our Symantec Backup Exec 2010. We are using a raid with a capasity of about 19 TB as primary backup device.

Is it possible to use both "B2D" -folder and Dedup. Storage folder on the same media server?


I did configure Backup to disk folder first. Then i tried to create a deduplication storage, but got an errer during the wizard.

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  • You can create N number of B2D's but there is a limitation for dedup, only 1 dedup folder per 

    media server. Could you post the error message that you are getting while creating the dedup 

    folder. Also let us know if its BE2010 or BE2010 R2

  • Yes you can create both B2D folder and Dedup storage folder on the same array. But only one dedup storage folder per media server. 

    Post more details about the error you are getting during the creation of dedup storage folder....


    EDIT: @Amol: Didn't refreshed page for a while..... 

  • Have you licensed the dedupe option? If not, and you don't have a license, you're able to use a 60-day trial license while waiting for your license from Symantec...