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[storage configuration disk based storage] cannot add NAS storage


i want to ask, currently i have try to add NAS HP Store Easy to my backup exec 2014, i choose disk based-storage and choose disk storage and after that i choose network share, but i have an error like this

"the path appears to be an invalid path. Please ensure the server name and share name are correct"

please help to fix this problem.


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  • If you can it is usually much easier to configure moden NAS devices to provide a SAN style connections over iSCSI into a LUN held on the NAS as then Backup Exec will just see it as a local drive letter. (You use an iSCSI initiator in the operating system to connect to it once the NAS is configured)


    If you cannot do this then make sure the NAS is integrated into the Active Directory such that the Backup Exec Servcie account can have all the permissions needed to read and write to a CIFS share on the  NAS.


    Oh and when adding the NAS in as disk based storage device you have to use a UNC path such as \\server\share or \\ipaddress\share

    If you map the share  to a drive letter intending to use the drive letter than it won't work - because BE has to operate when no one is logged into the console and mapped drive letters are part of the profile of the console logon and are not there when you logout.



  • Check if the below article helps

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      I have a entry on DNS of my NAS, I have add on hosts file but not work...

      NAS folder it's RW for all.