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10 years ago

Symantec backup exe notification media error, the disk is offline

Hi guys.

I come from Viet Nam. So my english is not good, and i have a trouble about Symantec backup exe 2014 on Windows Server 2012 R2 64bits, 1week ago, BE notification 1 error on 1,2 hours. All errors are same :

BE error 1.png

and for detail :

BE error 2.png

who're help me. Thanks all very much!

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  • I think you are backing up to NAS and it is offline. You got to make sure that it is online before you start your job. You can check is status by going to the Storage tab
  • Hi pkh. I'am backing up to NAS and it is online=> offline. I tested with other Disk. Some time disks offline :

    error-0.pngMy backup is started at 12:00 AM. I look up a reason for error. Help me pls

  • Make sure the disks are accessible from the media server when you login as the BESA.

  • Thanks for reply. The disks are accessible from the media server when i login as the BESA. Now i have a ideal. Maybe my NAS has problem. My NAS is QNAP and it has a new firmware. After upgrade firmware and monitoring. Thanks alot. Although my enlish is very bad and i couldn't describe my thanks. Thanks you very much

  • Restart all the BE services and see whether the disks come online.

    Also, you can test the disks with this utility to see whether there are any incompatibilities.