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15 years ago

Symantec BE 2010 licenses.

Hi everybody, I am here again to ask question regarding our symantec BE 2010.

I've been using SBE 2010 for 4 months with Drobo. I've been performing backups of our client's server to drobo and from drobo to symantec.

The first 3 months was fine, I can run backups from drobo to symantec.

I stop performing backups from drobo to symantec for a month because my boss and our client were contemplating on what tapes to use since we are backingup enormous amont of files.

Until last July 7, I ran a backup from drobo to symantec, to my surprised it asked for Remote Agent for Windows System license. I checked all licenses that was installed on our media server but I can't find Remote Agent for Windows System. I also ran AOFO, it was successfully installed but when i try to backup it asked again for remote agent license.

As far as I could remember, I haven't performed any updates here so I take for granted the reason about agent compatibility.

This is the message that prompts everytime i try i run a backup:

Selection of this item is disabled. Possible reasons are:
-The Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows System on remote computer is a previous or incompatible version.
-The Remote Agent is not installed on remote computer.
-A license for the Remote Agent is not installed on media server.
-You are not authorized to access this item.

Possible Solutions are:
-Reinstall the Remote Agent on the remote computer.
-Enter a Remote Agent license on media server.
-Use a different logon account to connect to the remote computer.

I already tried reconfiguring logon account, installing AOFO on our media server, but still no luck.

I would also want to know if there's a way to get a copy of our symantec licenses? I asked my boss about it but he can't remember.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Sorry for my bad sentence construction.


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