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18 years ago

System Recovery Boot disk and Drivers


I am using Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Server Edition

I was pointed to go to these forums for help.

We are having problems with booting from the System Recovery Boot Disk. The Boot Disk does not recognize the SCSI SAS drive on our IBM X3500 server. The server does not have the availability for a floppy drive, so even if I do make a driver disk, I am unable to use it. There is no ata port on the motherboard to install one. I tried to put the SCSI SAS drivers on a USB hard drive and pressed F6 during the System Recovery Boot, but the System Recovery says that there are no drives available to install drivers from. However, after the System Recovery Boot Disk loads, I can browse the USB hard drive.

Is there any way we can create a System Recovery Boot Disk with the SCSI SAS drivers already included on the Boot Disk?

Another option, would a USB floppy drive work?

Thank you for your help,

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  • Hi,

    We request you to contact on the

    Symantec Technical Support:

    U.S. 1-800-634-4747 or 407-357-7600

    For a complete list of local Symantec phone numbers, please see the following link

    Thank you
  • I contacted Symantec Technical Support as per Gauri's reply.

    I was told that a USB Floppy drive will work (I have not yet confirmed this). They also gave me information on how to get a new boot disk ISO from Symantec with the drivers I need installed on it.

    Thank you for your help!