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15 years ago

System State, Shadow Copy Components, Small warning triangle on Server

Hello. My first day at a new job. Would very much like to impress! My boss has challenged me to find more information regarding the System State and Shadow Copy Components selections for backup exec. On a particular server we have deselected System state and selected shadow copy components because the backup was erroring on that server.  Should we still be selecting system state for the server? Could you explain the components for me. I have familiarity with BE, but in my previous situation we just selected full backups as we were a small environment. Also, In the backup properties resource list, there is a small yellow triangle on the server I am talking about. We have had successful backups of the server since we received the error. Could anyone tell me what that exclamation triangle means? Thanks for you help!

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  • Hello,

    The Exclamation Triangle means the Remote Agent is not publishing itself to the Backup Exec Server.

    Enabling publiching on the remote server:
    1  : Start-->All Programs-->Symantec Backup Exec-->Remote Agent.
    2  : Click on the publishing tab.
    3  : Check Enabling publishing and type in the IP address or the name of the BE server.
    4  : Restart the Remote Agent service on the remote server and check for the Exclimation mark in the selection list on the Backup job

    Please find the Symantec KB

    A yellow exclamation point appears on a remote server in the backup selection list.