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18 years ago

The Backup Exec job engine system service is not responding.

I am running Backup Exec 10.1 5629 with SP2 (SP2 just installed to help with this issue - which it didn't).
Running on a Windows 2K Server with SP4.
Drive is an HP VS160 DLT using fairly new tapes with a 3 week rotation.

This problem started 12-4-06. (Last good backup was 12-01-06 - Friday).
Backup Exec runs for about 25 minutes and then fails. Byte count is zero.
Job Status is "Recovered" and then 2 more entries are "Failed" about 40 minutes later. Job logs will not display.

I have installed SP2 for Backup Exec 10.1. Ran all Windows updates. Created a new backup Job. Test backups run fine. Although, I have only run test backups that take about 10 minutes to backup. I plan to run an hour long backup as a test.

Someone mentioned Windows Updates may be the cause. There was one new Win Update shortly after the last good backup. KB923414 but this was only downloaded at this point not installed. It has since been installed but I think this was all just coincidence.


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  • Update: I deselected the mailboxes and information store and the backup was sucessful. I will re-add the items one at a time to narrow down what is causing the failures mentioned earlier.