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13 years ago

Trust relationship keeps breaking in BE 2010R3

I am running Backup Exec 2010R3 on several media servers and it seams like everyday I have to re-establish trust relationships with several servers (not the same ones). I added all my servers to the favorites, but it keeps happening, especially with my sharepoint services. Any ideas on what is causing this or what exactly BE uses to determine if a trust relationship is there.



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  • Hi there,


    First thing to do here is to either download Service Pack 1 for BE 2010 R3 or run LiveUpdate and install it.

    Once done, do a push-install to your remote servers, and once completed, open your selection list and browse the servers and check if you get this error.

    If you do, remove the RAWS agent from those servers, and run a push-install again. If it still happens, you might need to look at your AV (if you run 1) and see if it isn't killing the connection between the remote server and the media server.



  • Hi


    You can establish trust relation by either browsing those remote server from backup selections & after establishing trust if it still asking to establish trust then try uninstalling & reinstalling remote agent

    2nd way to establish trust is by going to publishing tab of remote agent utility on remote server & then go to security tab & then delete the information there & click on publsihing tab to reenable the SSL manually

    As said by craig ensure you have BE 2010 r3 sp1 installed too