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5 years ago

Unable to browse [ROOT]

Good afternoon

I downloaded a trial version of Backup exec to make some testings and I want to help someone who has a license of Backup Exec Silver.

I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 Virtual Machine and a Debian 10 Virtual Machine, I have installed RALUS in Debian and Backup Exec in Windows.

I attempt to add the Debian server to the backup exec and it works, but when I attempt to create a backup from Debian server, it shows the following error:

Unable to browse [ROOT]

Directory or file was not found or could not be accessed

I used root and user login accounts and nothing, can someone help me?

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  • Most Linux servers these days have built-in firewall installed and enabled.

    Please check if iptables is running on this server - it could be blocking connection attempt to or from BE media server.

  • Check the firewall of the Debian system. Try disabling it temporarily until the back up is complete.

    The firewall may be blocking the connection through which you are trying to back up.