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10 years ago

Unable to restore a Domain Controller in a new test environment

I am trying to build a test environment based on my production environment (single domain).  I have done this in the past using BE 2010.  I have recently gone to BE2014 and am now trying to build from scratch starting with a media server and then restoring a DC (the one with the Operations Master Roles).  The media server is up (though it's not a clone of production, its just a new server with backup to disk files that have been cataloged). 

SDR backups are enabled in my production environment and I have the DR file.  I have tried to do the restore by booting to a new SDR disk and then attaching a local USB drive with the backup files and DR file.  This starts working but fails at the system state restore.  I have also tried doing a manual recovery by installing the correct operating system (Windows 2008 R2) and pushing out the agent to it and restoring the C: drive with no issue but once it gets to the system state, I get the same error message as the SDR restore which is:

Final error: 0xe000fee1 - A failure occurred writing an object.

Restore - \\servername\system?state

V-79-57344-65249 - A failure occurred writing an object.  Error writing security data stream.

I have tried several different ways such as fully restoring all components at once or just restoring the C: drive and then after doing the system state.  I've tried doing this in a normal startup as well as Directory Services Restore Mode.  Nothing works and always fails with the same error during the system state restore.  The C: drive restore is always successful.  All credential checks pass and are all set to use to the local administrator password on the new server.  I'm wondering if that is the problem since when it becomes a DC, there are no more local administrator accounts.  However, since this is the first DC in the test environment, I cannot use a domain admin account either to do the restore, since one doesn't exist yet.  However, this wouldn't be the case with the local SDR restore failing. 

I have made sure that restore over existing files, restore all information for files and directories and preserve tree were all selected and "mark this server as the primary arbitrator for replication when restoring folders managed by the File Replication Service or when restoring SYSVOL in System State" is selected.

I do not have Symantec Endpoint Protection so this article does not apply to me:

The symptons in this old article ( ) are exactly what happen to me: "After the restore of the System State fails, the server will reboot itself and be left in a completely unusable state. The server will boot into a black screen, then eventually reboot itself, and get stuck in a loop where it continually does the same reboot."  This workaround and solution both don't apply to me.

I have followed this guide: which worked in 2010 but am having no luck in 2014.  The 2014 admin guide unfortunately lacks information on this topic.  I also wish there was an updated guide as this one is 3 years old and doesn't pertain to BE2014 (or even 2012 for that matter) or to any new server OS's.

I have not yet opened a ticket with Symantec on this and may have to but figured I'd start here since it's easier.  Any help you can provide will be appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.

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  • Does the DR server have the same name as the DC that was backed up? Did you follow the procedure given in the Preparing for Disaster Recovery chapter in the Admin Guide?
  • Hi pkh,

    When attempting to do the manual recovery, I gave it the exact same name by NOT joining the domain but instead changing the name and changing the primary DNS suffix to the domain name so it is still joined the workgroup but has the correct FQDN.

    Yes, I followed the procedure in the DR guide.

    I went ahead and attempted a restore of my other domain controller that doesn't hold the operations master roles and it worked perfectly using SDR recovery.  I received no errors and it appeared to boot fine.  Not sure why my other DC won't restore.  They are both being backed up in the same backup job and all components are selected including SDR.

    For now, I'm going to try another set of backup files and see what happens.