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6 years ago

Upgrading from BE 16 to 20.2 Hyper-V Question


I´m thinking about upgrading from BE 16 to 20.2, however, there is a note in the "Agent for Hyper-V note" section in the readme:

"A Windows 2016 guest virtual machine that runs on a Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V host is backed up in the offline state."

As this scenario describes our current environment, how can I understand the meaning "offline state" ? Will the VM powered down or suspended in any way?

Thanks for info


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  • The "Offline State" means, the VM will be "Suspended" till the snapshot processing of the VM is done. Once the snapshot is done, the Virtual Machine will be brought "Online".

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      In other words: It wouldn´t be wise to do the uprade now, as we would not be able to backup the 2016´s VMs without downtime?