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6 years ago

Veritas Backup Exec 15 download

Hi, I have a customer whose lost their software installation of Veritas Backup Exec. But fortunately, they've found their order back, but base on the product name in the description, i'm unable to acquire which exact version of Backup Exec is this, I guess it's Backup Exec 15 (13670-M0008 - BACKUP EXEC SERVER ED WIN 1 SERVER ONPREMISE STANDARD LICENSE + ESSENTIAL MAINTENANCE BUNDLE INITIAL 12MO CORPORATE) and I can't find the download link of it. Please help me find the download link of the software 

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  • The customer will need to login into the license portal and then associate that agreement with the login and then the download will be available in the portal.

    If customer has never done this in the past they may need to speak to our customer care team.

    More details in the following article (including the FAQ - PDF downloads at the bottom of the article.)

    Please be aware BE 15 is already in the End-Of-Life Process





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      Hi, they have login in VEM fill information and entitlement ID but it said "Your Serial Number was not found in our database. If you believe you entered the Serial Number correctly, then your Serial Number may not require activetion. Please call Customer Care for assistance. Otherwise, please re-enter your Serial Number, and try again.". Customer purchase the product last year. And I have try to use the Support ID but nothing happen when I click submit.

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        As I said in my first reply, and as the message you have quoted says - you now need to talk to our customer care team. Either use the e-mail address in the documentaion I provided OR call the support phone number for your region and ask for Customer Care against a licensing and download issue.


        Customer Care do not monitor these forums.