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8 years ago

Veritas Backup Exec 15 icon with tool tip

In the lower left status bar on my CAS I have a yeild sign with an exclamation point and it is blinking red.  The tool tip says "The query for VMBackupJobInfo failed"

Any one know what this is telling me?

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  • Hmm, can you double click it to see if it brings up a certain job? Does the job log have anymore information? If not, go to the home page, and then scroll down to Alerts. See if it give you any more information there.

    It sounds like you have a VM backup job that either failed or completed with exception.

  • Typically this shield only appears  when a query into the BEDB regarding the display of one of more item (usually a job) has failed with the text when you mouseover the shield giving a bit more info about what failed.


    Unfortunately this means something inside the BEDB has an invalid entry and more or less means you need to log a formal support case for us to confirm what makes the shield appear and to dig into the BEDB itself.