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5 years ago

Veritas Backup Exec 20.6 and Exchange 2013 CU23 Backup


Backup does not work on some databases at the same time without any regularity.

The backup copy itself performs quickly. Then it hangs for a very long time. Background process. Turned on debug and saw the following.

Resource and files are accessible and open.



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      Is this resolved please? I have the same problem and same version BE 20.6 and Exchange 2013 with CU23.

      My default storage location is HP StoreOnce3100 - NFS Share.

      When I run Exchange backup task on storage location on local disk, backup with GRT finished successfully.

      When I run same task on NFS share (StoreOnce) storage location, backup task stuck on background processing...

      Without GRT backup works fine on any storage locations.

      Error log  "V-79-57344-3905 - The backup selection '\\Exchange\Microsoft Information Store\DB\' was not successfully processed for Granular Recovery Technology (GRT). The Database Recovery failed with Error 'Aborted post processing PDI location'. You will not be able to restore individual items for this backup selection"

      I've tried all solutions from this forum and several knowledge base articles but without success.


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        can you configure the Storeonce as a OST storage in BE and test the GRT backup to it ?

        Does the same problem appear when you direct the exchange GRT backup to any other network share ?

        How large is the database (size ) ? If really large, does a small one go through and not get stuck in background processing ?